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Who are we?

We are a British Accent language learning institute that focuses on the development of clarity, in spoken English. Our business model gives value to our customers and satisfies their particular needs, whether it be accent reduction, or that they just wish to be more easily understood when communicating in English.

How can our course help in your career?

Our online speech training courses can help you advance your position in business and further your career through improved communication skills, speaking with clarity, while developing great British English pronunciation.

What are the benefits we offer?

The obvious benefits our course will give you are that you’ll quickly lose any sign of strong foreign accent when communicating in English, you’ll be able to communicate more easily, accent reduction is important in being able to get your message across more naturally and fluently.

Who has benefited from our courses?

Over many years, thousands of people globally have benefited from our Online British pronunciation courses and speech / accent training programs.

perfect your pronunciation

Our courses effectively and efficiently teach online pronunciation skills

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To naturally and quickly improve your pronunciation, and speaking skills in general, effective progress can be achieved with just 15 minutes of practise, regularly. Our courses are easy to follow and productive.

Live sessions

In the live sessions of our accent/speech training program, the interaction between learner and tutor is fundamental to the understanding how to quickly master the skills, concerning pronunciation.

Effective learning

The courses have been designed by following a well-planned strategy to ensure that they result in being efficacious to the ones who opted for them.

Stand out in the crowd

Refine your British English and achieve perfection. Explore a plethora of opportunities, and set a benchmark with your English-speaking skills. Acquaint yourself with our British English accent training, and find yourself surrounded by a newfound confidence.

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perfect your pronunciation with our voice and accent training online

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British Elocution

My journey into teaching the English language has been full of surprises, beginning in private language schools sparked the realisation that I can make the learning process much easier, and more productive, this was the first surprise. The second was the satisfaction I received from helping people to change their lives through language, opening doors and providing opportunities. realising I needed to reach more people I started to teach online.

The first online student I taught, was an incredibly keen student from India. As he was approaching the end of his school days he was pursuing good exam results to carry him confidently into his working life. Not only did I achieve this goal with him, but he also excelled with his newly acquired speaking skills, achieving a distinction in English.

This was the first time I realised I had what I call, my ‘super power’, and that is to give prospects, changing lives through language. Here at British elocution, we have the vision to deliver a passion for excellence. Our major contribution is that learners acquire great pronunciation, learn to speak English naturally and confidently, with the use of proven strategies, and provide engaging ‘training’ techniques that facilitate learning tasks. As a language tutor and most importantly, as a trained phonetician I’m far too frequently asked the same question, “ how can I improve my speaking skills ?”This prompted us to develop the Master Plan. A training course we regard as ‘standard practice’ for improving spoken English.

The method is a training program, that utilises ‘only’ the fundamental aspects required, for improving English speaking skills in particular. The Master Plan course has been developed to create great speakers of English, regardless of the motive for improvement. We aim to provide an easy-to-follow course that helps our learners quickly, and efficiently reach their goals.